Connecting to database with assets


I am trying to connect to database using assets from orchestrator.
I need to get data source name and database name. I couldn’t find anything on internet about.
Any help?

Thank in advance!

hi @dcrt

what is the problem can you elaborate?

I basically don’t know how to it.
when i use the connect activity it doesn’t allow me to put variables or arguments in it (in connection path).

have you print the asset and check the value?
if it is write then it will allow you to connect i guess

–make sure that the machine is connected to orchestrator
–kindly check once with the asset name mentioned in the get asset activity in the studio
it should be same as in your orchestrator and it should be within double quotes in the get asset activity
–get the output from the get asset activity and store them to a variable
–then we can use that while forming connection string during database connection

hope this would help you
Cheers @dcrt

Thank you, but actually the part that i don’t know is the part forming the connection string :slight_smile: