Connecting to Custom Datasource with Database Connect Activity

Good Morning RPA Experts,

I am trying to use the Database Activities to connect to our Tibco DV data source but am not sure which way to go.

I have a member of my Business Intelligence team telling me I should see this Tibco listed as a Data source option when I go into the connection wizard but I only see the following:

The driver is installed and I can see it test the connection successfully with Windows ODBC Data Sources App but it does not show as a Data Source in UiPath.

However, in the UiPath Connection Wizard if I choose Microsoft ODBC Data Source I do see the Tibco Data Source under the drop down for "Use user or system data source name:

If I use the Microsoft ODBC Data Source show in the drop down I get an error [IM014] Architecture Mismatch between the diver and application. I have researched the mismatch issue which seems to be caused if one application is 32bit and the other is 64bit but have confirmed both UiPath Studio and the ODBC Driver are 64 bit.

My BI team says I shouldn’t be attempting to use Microsoft ODBC Data Source though that I need to find out how to show TDC Dev as it’s own Data Source.

How would I go about getting a new data source added for the Database activities?

Should I just be trying to connect using the Microsoft ODBC Data Source?