Connecting to a terminal


I’m configuring a terminal session using the provider “Direct Connection”. After specifying manually the server, I’m trying to start the Recorder. The UiPath Terminal Wizard opens with the status “Connecting” in the lower left corner and after a couple seconds, the whole UiPath process closes including UiPathStudio.

Can everyone help me to understand this?

I have a same problem.
Did you get any answer of this?

this is my workaround.

→ when click ‘Start Recorder’, UiPath Studio is closed without any message.


→ when I input username field, Error message displayed.

“Error running wizard: The recorder is not available for SSH type connections since the user id and password are not available at design time”

→ Conclusion : SSH type cannot be applied "Start Recorder“, right?

it just works without using ‘Start Recorder’.

  • UiPath.Terminal.Activities

when using Telnet, “start recording” just works OK.


Thanks for the explanation! My work around was exactly the same, I used Telnet so that I could use the Recorder.