Connecting the Robot in Windows 10 failed while same working windows 7

Dear UiPath Team,

I am facing issue in connecting the Robot in Win 10. The same Robot is working in Desktop connection on Win 7.
Pl help in getting it sorted out.


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May i know what error are you getting here ? Could you please tell more details about the issue for better understanding.


Actually it is not giving any error but status does not change. Seems some issue with Win 10

It is giving Status- unlicencsed even if no Robot connected to Orchestrator Account. and Studio have 2 License available.Robot created in Studio license.


It’s showing Robot status as disconnected. May be because of that it’s showing unlicensed.

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Usually unlicensed state occurs when
—Standard robot is not created
—Right Machine is not mentioned and to mention the right one get that from robot tray and paste the same while creating machines in orchestrator
—And not mentioning the Domain/Username properly, so for that in our machine go to CMD window and type the command as Whoami which will display the domain and username. Mention the same while mentioning them in creating Robot in orchestrator
—Validate once whether correct machine is linked to orchestrator and while mentioning machine and orchestrator url in our robot tray ensure that it is mentioned as per this blog

Kindly validate this and let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @Richa_Gupta1

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Hi @Richa_Gupta1,

Make sure to enable the robot in the environment.


Thanks Palaniyappan, your info whoami really worked for me.

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