Connecting Robot with Orchestrator through User Proxy (proxypac)

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I’m currently struggling with the connection between our Robot server and the Orchestrator server via user proxy. In the documentation is no guide for user proxy settings. There is a option over the server proxy. Has anybody a solution that works with user proxy (proxypac)?

We use the Robot/Studo version 2019.10.1 and Orchestrator version 2019.10.14

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Check as below

If this is not the issue, can you state us with some clear examples

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Unfortunately that’s not the issue.
My issue is that I try to connect my Robot with the Orchestrator via User Proxy (Proxypac). With the Server Proxy it works fine. But for the User Proxy I don’t have the right parameter on the UiPath.Executor.exe.config.

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Kevin Caluori