Connecting Robot with Connection String

Scenario #1: I’ve got an issue connecting my first robot to my infrastructure. If I paste into the robot the connection string as is from the Orchestrator administration web page (URL ending in /api/robotsservice/GetConnectionData?tenantId=1) and click connect I get the error message:

The value ‘1/odata/$metadata’ is not valid for Int32.

Scenario #2: if I get clever and try to insert the domain name as documented in the web.config file (URL ending in /api/robotservice/GetConnectionData?tenantId=1?domainName=) and click connect I get the error message:


The machine name matches my Windows host name on the machine.
The user account I’m logged in as is in the Administrators and Robots roles in Orchestrator.
The machine key pasted into the Robot settings is copied directly from the Machine’s settings in the Orchestrator management page.
The server is licensed and activated and is good through June 6, 2020.

Any thoughts about what I can try or am missing?


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Am I asking with the wrong metadata tags? Does anyone have some troubleshooting steps?

It sounds like you might be trying to use the connection string to configure your UiPath Assistant / Robot Service, if so this would not be the string to use.

The URL should only consist of the top level of the FQDN to your Orchestrator Server, the same URL you would use to access the Web Application.

Where the connection string comes in is either during installing of the Robot passed as a property to the MSI or after installation but using the UiRobot.exe. This allows you to register the robot service to Orchestrator in a scripted way where you don’t know or have available the machine/robot record in Orchestrator. It will keep pinging Orchestrator until it is authorized to successfully connect and register.

As an example we have created a machine image with UiRobot preinstalled but not registered/connected. When deploying a new host as part of the post-initialization script we use the UiRobot.exe and pass the connection string (which is static). Then once we create the machine and robot in Orchestrator, the host will seamlessly register.


i am looking for the same type automating the Robot connection with Connection String.

As per the Document, i have installed Robot/Uipath Studio in my machine but i dont know how to pass the connection string to robot. As in documentation they have mentioned use automatic deploy tool.

please suggest if any tool exist to do this tasks…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please have another read through the links provided above. They go into clear details on how to manually use the connection string if that is your desire. If you are still having troubles, please be specific in what you have tried and the challenges you are facing.

Snippet from the top of the first link and down the page it goes into details on the the requirements to setup automatic enrollment and the steps to make the connection.

There are two ways to connect your Robot to Orchestrator:

  • Manually - using the Orchestrator URL and the corresponding machine key
  • Automatically - using a connection string.

Thanks for your reply @codemonkee.

I have gone through the documents i would like to understand can we able to enable windows authentication in cloud orchestrator?

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