Connecting Robot to Orchestrator remotely

I am aware that there is Orchestrator API to provision robot there, but is there a way to connect robot to Orchestrator remotely, without logging on machine to provide robot key and Orchestrator url manually?

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As of 2017.1 (soon) it will be. Running the installer (.msi) with orchestrator url and key as parameters.

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Great! Thank you for quick answer.

Hi Mihai - do you have a release date for this?

Or when it will be available in Beta?


Soon. couple of weeks if everything goes well.

Thanks @badita Also, if you are able to get onto the machine, can you configure it programatically rather than going via system tray?

Yes. You will be able to run the same cmd with config parameters.

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But to confirm, this is not available to run from cmd in 2016.2 ?


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Technically (until there’s some update), you can right now, by updating the UiPath.settings file located on the machine you are connecting using Notepad and change the RobotKey. Then, remotely restart the UiRobot service.

You could do this with Powershell.


In 2017.1 you’ll be able to provide a connection string parameter to the setup .msi that will automatically install and connect the robot to orchestrator.

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Hi Badita,

is there an ETA for 2017.1?

If I understand that correctly, currently we have to create a unique hash in Orchestrator that is added to the local UiPath Studio instance in order to set the connection between them, right?

We need to achieve an automatic/remote deployment via Altiris of UiPath Studio (Back-Office Robots) to virtual desktops that includes the installation of UiPath Studio, activation of the license key and setting the connection to Orchestrator. We are targeting >50 VDIs in 2018, I don’t want to do this setup manually.

Will this be possible with 2017.1? Appreciate your support!

Many thanks and regards,

Are you under AD?

What do you mean with AD? Active Directory?!

So with Version 2017.1 there will be an addition button within Orchestrator --> Robots called “Generate Connection String”. I can then use that connection string for multiple robots that I install via an automatic deployment tool (in our case Altiris), correct?

Currently with V 2016.2 there is no such way, right?

Automatic Enrollment of Robots
In Orchestrator, provision your Robots as explained here.
In the Robots page, click Generate Connection String. The Connection String window containing an URL is displayed.
Copy the generated connection string to the Clipboard.
Use an automatic deployment tool to install the Robots and provide the connection string copied at step 3 as a parameter. The Robot is connected to Orchestrator and is displayed as Available in the Robots page.

And it will work only if you’re using Active Directory for authentication otherwise it may open security breaches.

On 2016.2 you can

  • deploy an MSI
  • run regutil.exe activate / /code=1234567890
  • configure manually the Orchestrator Connection or override it automatically in the .settings file

Never tried it but I think it should work.


Thanks for that. Does it mean that I can connect several robots with one key created on Orchestrator -> Robots -> “Provision robots” and stored in .settings file? My current assumption is that I have to connect each machine via a unique key.

The only option in 2016.2 is using regutil for license activation. For connection to Orchestrator you can run UiRobot.exe -url:<orch_url> -key: from command line

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