Connecting Multiple Attended bots to an Citrix Image on AWS

The problem I am trying to solve for a client is that they have a production Citrix Image on an AWS server.
I have experience in connecting the traditional bots from a VDI to Orchestrator, Unattended bots, I have also connected Attended bots to a hand full of users at a time.

The client has recently upgraded from their mainframe system to AWS, which is a nice upgrade for the client. Traditionally you access the “Machine” tab on Orchestrator and add the machine name, but in this scenario the machine name ie AWSUS123 will always change AWSUS321, AWSUS456, etc…

Can anyone offer a solution to connect 100’s of users to a always changing Machine Name? Also what goes hand and hand with this is that as the Machine Name changes so will the Machine Key.

Thank you for any possible solutions.


those are the ways robots can be licensed:

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hi @James_Taylor
got your point , so that the solution should be take part form AWS server
please refer following link for your reference

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Update –
So what I learned is that though when you provision a bot with a machine name there is a unique machine key it is acts more as a certificate that the user has permission to connect to a bot.

This would only be applicable to floating bots, as one of it’s abilities is to float from machine to machine. I misunderstood in thinking that the Machine Key had to match the Machine name, but in fact it does not need to match.

So connecting the user to a floating bot though the machine name is constantly changing is not as ridged as I thought.

Thank you @bcorrea and @Maneesha_de_silva for you assistance on resolving this issue!


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