Connecting Bot and Orchestrator

I am using Enterprise Orchestrator trail version.
While i am connecting bot(which is server) to orchestrator i getting warning like
Detected unattended bot is licence type.Based on terms and conditions licence is only used for trouble shooting purpose only.
I am getting same error in both community and enterprise edition
can any one help regarding this.
Thank you

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If possible can I have the screenshot of that error



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Are you using Cloud Orchestrator or Enterprise Orchestrator ?

Yes it’s expected one.

Please check below thread to know more about this.

I am Using enterprise orchestrator


Ok. Just check above thread to know more about the issue.

i didn’t understand that thread can you please explain in detail


Generally, in unattended robot machines we will install UIRobot only without studio.

Sometimes there may be chances like our code will work in Development machine and may be fail in production machine due to so and so error. If you want to debug the code to find where it got failed in that production machine then we need studio.