Connected , unlicensed

help plz

Did you create a robot for ýour machine and user?

Yes to make

@yundw in the column “User” you should add your current windows user.

For us it is [Domain][username].

[username] - >

Is that right?

[domain /username] = UiPath

Same after change …

Is the domain part wrong?

no not the user in UiPath Orchestrator. Please use you WINDOWS User. That’s the user which is currently logged in to your pc.

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[Domain / username] = UiPath

[Domain / username] = UiPath


They all produce the same result.

the domain is not the url of the orchestrator! You need to use the domain of your windows user.

if it’s your company account you can easily ask the it department. If it’s you private account you will not have a domain so just write your windows username.

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thank , have a nice day !!

i’m happy

user name is point

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