Connected, Unlicensed same error

I am trying to created robot but i dont see any option to create Robot, i have machine key

You don’t have access to create robot

Follow below steps.

Thanks @Pravin_Patil1 but no luck i am the first person prior to this nobody has access to create Robot, even though i have all permissions like Robot,Administrator,Personal Workspace Administrator,Tenant Administrator,Allow to be Folder Administrator,Folder Administrator,Automation User still i am unable to create robot

i created unattended bot but under tenant status as NA

But do you see robot option now in the Default folder?

Refer below video from UiPath for more understanding…

refer to this post. Hope it helps

Yes as i am facing similar issue i am following the steps thanks

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Getting this error because of Robot not created


Check if you are connected with Enterprise edition studio and Enterprise edition Orchestrator

because community edition studio can’t connect to enterprise edition orchestrator

Hope this may help you


I am facing connected unlicensed issue , Is this an issue from UiPath?

Hi i have downloaded new community edition but i dont get option to create robot and environment under folder.



Hey , Uipath has updated everything . Follow this link to connect . Managing Unattended Robots in Modern Folders - YouTube

i already watched this video no options are coming in latest version as per video.



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