Connected to orchestrator, but unable to retrieve the license

hii. i am trying to connect my robot to orchestrator, but unable to do so because of the following problem given in screenshot attached below. please help. i am trying to run a job in unattended mode from orchestrator.


Hi @opkushwaha999

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Please check in the Orchestrator if the licenses are allocated to the Tenant.

Have a look on allocating the licences.

Managing your licenses (



You are getting this error as license is not allocated properly in the Orchestrator. You can go to Tenant->Settings->License and verify the license is allocated properly. If not go to Admin->License-> and allocate the licence.

Below video can help you out.

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this interface is different from mine. i have the communiy version. this link was not helpful.i am unable to get it


Try these steps and let us know if you are facing any further issues

Cheers @opkushwaha999

Hi @opkushwaha999

Login to Orchestrator,

Click on Tenants → Choose your tenant and click on this icon as highlighted

The below window appears,

Allocated the licenses accordingly.

my interface doesnt show that option.

this is showing. i have allocated unattended. i dont know whats the problem

my problem is solved.thanks guys!

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