Connect your user and robots using WPFInteractive

Do you need a simple way to communicate your robots and your users? This is your activities package!

Right now contains ten activities to interact with users in three different blocks:

  • Form HTML Presenter: as easy as it sounds, do you want to create an HTML form to catch info from your customers? This is the activity. Just tell the activity Show where is your HTML file, the name of the validation div message of error, and if you want the method of validationg before launching the process and getting all info into a dictionary with id as key and the value inside as a value.

  • Progress Panel: the latest added item. This progres panel will not only add the option for knowing the status more in real time thanks to an html interface that can directly interact with the user. It will contain:

    • Title
    • An html page that can easily updated dinamically, just with the use of an asynchronous activity
    • A progress bar with status bar style that can be updated
    • A message in the status bar style part to be displayed independently
  • Progress Window : the most simple way to interact with customers. A fancy displaying window that contains a:

    • Title
    • An image that can be static or animated gif
    • Progress bar
    • Message container
    • Messages stack, that can display the messages that came before
  • Toast Notify: in the latest times we’re used to see toast notification into our Windows. This system allows to send simple toast that will vanish with four different layouts, a title and a description. Works with all UiPath compatible Windows versions (from 7 to 10):

  • Updateable Message Box: a message box that can manage different buttons and behaviours. It can contain:
    • Title
    • An image that can be static or animated gif
    • A message that explain which option to choose
    • A set of options that the user will must choose one