Connect to SQL server


I hav the server in remote location so how shall i connect to it ?
what is the process.

Not able to see any server names

Please help me with this.


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Hi @Seem

buddy we need to mention the server name to it
–get the server name from your database
–once after enterting the server name choose the Use SQL Server Authentication
and mention the username and password
–if you have windows authentication for that server we can choose the Use Windows Authentication
–once after entering the server name, username and password,
here we will getting the list of datatables under the “Select or enter a database name”
–and you can check whether we have entered the credentials correctly or not by clicking the TEST CONNECTION
Thats all you are done
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification buddy

Cheers @Seem


Please use the connect activity and try to pass the connection string as mentioned below:


ConnectionString: Data Source=;Initial Catalog=;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=;Password=

Provider Name: System.Data.SqlClient

Please change the placeholders(<>) with the actual values before use.

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I know the server name… But how shall i add ?
I want to know the process. In the drop down it should get auto populated…

Which is not happening…

we can type the server name in the server name field buddy
enter your servername to it

Cheers @Seem

Login Failed

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Use SQL server authentication and mention the username and password of your database
kindly check once whether the servername and database connected is correct buddy
You were almost done,
Cheers @Seem

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were you able to login now buddy @Seem

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