Connect to an application without installing clients/plugins on VDI

Hi there!
I have an Azure VDI and would like to connect to an application within that VDI to automate a process. Please advise how using UiPath can access that application without installing any clients/plugins within that VDI (as I have no right to install anything)

  1. Connect through VDI using Citrix Workspace
  2. Authenticate through MFA
  3. Access the Virtual Desktop (VDI) and Applications environment

Please advise and any assistance with the steps would be much appreciated.
Thank You


For MFA i beleive there need to be aome manual intervension because bot would not be able to do it…

Coming to citrix without extension then we have to go with image automation only…

So basically we need to go with cv or image image completely


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@Anil_G Thank You. Yes agreed with MFA there is a need for manual intervention.

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you can try this component if its 2 factor Auth

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