Connect the orchestrator's job ID with a generic runtime information

I have a single robot performing multiple tasks (For example: task 1, task 2, …). My goal is to obtain from orchestrator which task the robot is running.
By using webhooks, I can get the information about the beginning of a job and its corresponding ID (through the job.started event). However I don’t get any information about a specific state of the robot (such as the value of a variable which identifies the task the robot is running).
I was thinking of calling a custom endpoint within the robot itself as soon as its exhecution begins. In this way I can capture the information on to the task the robot is performing and connect it to the corresponding Job ID (the one shown in the job.started webhook). However, as far as I know, there is no possibility to get the orchestrator’s job ID inside the robot itself.
Is there a way to solve the problem without necessarily having to split the robots for each single task?

Hi Francesco

Do you are using ReFramework ? If so, I think you could using init state to put all task to queue with task ID (dispatcher) and processes them in process (performer). Sometimes it’s a good ideia have dispatcher and performer in the same project.

Then the queue item events in Webhook has all that you need :

Event when some queue item starts and the event content has specific content that you define for your user case (task ID/inside variables)

Let me know if it works for you

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