Connect Studio CE to Enterprise Orchestrator


Just would like to check if a Studio (Community Edition) can connect to an Orchestrator (Enterprise Edition) without consuming a license from Orchestrator, given a user account is created in the Orchestrator.


Hi @Snowman

Check out this threads


Hi @Gokul001

Thanks for your quick reply. My case is the opposite… Studio is CE, Orchestrator is Enterprise.

Is it also possible to connect to the Orchestrator using the Studio CE license ?


No @Snowman , It is not possible. We have tried this in my environment few month back. We can’t able to achieve it.

So i don’t think it is possible to do that.

In this case we have install the enterprise edition and must have license to connect to the orchestrator.


Hi @Snowman,

I do not think you can do it simply because your CE Studio Named user license has to be connected to Cloud Orchestrator and send heartbeats vis the robot service.

In other words, You can connect the CE Studio to your enterprise Orchestrator but this will de allocate your cloud Studio license and you will need another named user license from your enterprise orchestrator.

So with those two reasons, what you are looking for cannot be achieved.

Some releases before, the customer portal was not available, so we used to download Studio Msi from our community edition and then allocate license to the community edition of Studio in our On-Prem orchestrator which consumed one of our Named user (Automation Developer) license.

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Dear @Gokul001 @jeevith,

Understood, and thank you both.

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Hi @jeevith ,

I read that a Studio can connect to Orchestrator using “local” license and does not consume a license from the Orchestrator. Can I say the “local” license refers only to the Enterprise license but not the Community license ?

Hi @Snowman,

That was so before 21.10 release. From 21.10 all robot types and studio /UiRobot.exe requires an active license to orchestrator.

An airgapped install of any UiPath robot is now discontinued.

So in short, it does not matter which Orchestrator you have a local license will need to be allocated from Orchestrator and always online

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Hi @jeevith,

Very clear, and thank you very much

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