Connect Robot with Orchestrator

We have both problem with Dominika to connect Robot with Orchestrator
Maybe you will be help to us

We can create a provision Robot (of course with status disconectted)
However we wonder what did you type in fields
Username - is that your username to computer
Password - is that you password to computer

In UiPath Robor settings there is another problem. We fill in Robot Key from Orch and Orch URL based on the instruction Academy then when we click OK below message appear on the screen
A connection attempt failed becouse the connected paryy did not properly respond after a perios of time or establish connection failed becouse connected host has filed to respond
Did any of folks have the same issue?

yes you need to input your computer credentials.

HI guys, I move a little.
I have already had a connection between Och and my Robot. Im using a uipath orch Community test
And now im trying to publish my proces from studio.
When I assgned my robot I use URL
When I publish a proces it’s published on and I can to find it in Deploy Process
Any idea?