Connect Leaderboard isn't refreshing

Connect leaderboard isn’t refreshing for a while.

3 components showing in my components pages but there is no exp reflecting.



Hi @Himanshu.joshi - thanks much for spotting this. Apparently something went wrong with the badge assignment. Let us check and come back to you once sorted. Thank you.

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Hi @AlinCopoiu

The Component XP isn’t reflecting yet. kindly check the issue, if any changes required from my side let me know.

Hi, @Himanshu.joshi! Apologize for the late reply. We didn’t come back with an update as we are still working on fixing/improving the badge assignment/sync process. Most certainly we estimate to come back with a tangible update in approx mid-late July. We’ll most definitely let you know once fixed. Thanks for your patience and again sorry for the trouble. Alin

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@AlinCopoiu Looking forward for your response