Connect Klipfolio to Orchestrator API

Hello guys,
Using Postman I can authenticate generate a token and then use this token to make requests and it works. I was wondering here in Klipfolio is it possible to connect to Orchesttrator API using one of these authentication methods as shown in the dropdown?
I Could not manage to establish the connection. Or should we use External Applications on Orchestrtaor?
Please advise me, I want to build dashboards to monitor processes and jobs run.

Thank you so much

What should this URL be like?

You can use the OAuth in your application.

In the Orchestrator external application, you will need to provide the Redirect URL auth of your application.

For example, for the Postman application, the Callback URL is .

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In order to retrieve the needed data using the Orchestrator RestApi endpoints, you will need to specify in Authorization a Bearer token.

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Hello Marian,
Thank you so much for your support, i appreciate it.

I am able to get data using Postman, Now the question is how to do it for this external application Klipfolio ?

Provide the callback URL of the Klipfolio application in the External application to retrieve the token.

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When registering the external application with Application Scope(s) as you did in the original post, the Redirect URL is optional. It is only required if you apply User Scope(s) as it requires the external application to receive the response.

Thank you for your help.
For Data Service API I MUST enter User Scope. Application scope doesnt work.
Hence I must provide callback URL.
Thank you

That is a different ask from your original which was the Orchestrator API. As you noted Data Service API only supports User Scope. I would reach out to Klipfolio Support in this case as they are the ones to help you with their Service.

Quick glance at their documentation

  • You might be able to authenticate manually (i.e. Postman) and then store the Authentication Token in the Klipfolio Connection Manager, but this requires manual rotation, which is one of their solutions for reauthorizing anyways.
  • Appears they may support Redirection of OAuth, but indicates that the feature is only available to “White-Label” customers and is facilitated through their Support team.
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