Connect Enterprise Assessment Score


I was wondering if the calculation to generate the Automation Potential, Ease of Implementation and overall Assessment Score in Connect Enterprise is publicly available.

We are looking to build it into some of our workbooks and want to make sure we are using the same logic.



Hi @gprobinson

Don’t think that calculation is publicly available because it’s one of the core features of the Connect Enterprise.

However, if you go to academy and enrol in the business analyst training, they have provided some excel sheet to access your process based on certain criteria. Our BA’s use it most of the time for RPA scenarios. Try that and see whether it gives you what you need

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Thanks Lahiru.

Yeah, i have done that training and i have the assessment workbook.

The calculation there is more about placing the opportunity into a quadrant rather than giving a score.

We were looking to replicate the exact score into a request portal and into a workbook but will just copy it there after it is raised in Connect Enterprise.

Hello @gprobinson,

The exact score calculation is not made public. We will add some details in the user guide on the way the answers in the Detailed Assessment will impact the indicators, but without the exact formulas.

Thank you,