Connect! Bug Fixes - March 2019

Exterminator Robot - First day on the job, ready with the Utility Belt of Bug Squashing Tools At The Ready. Its entire life has led up to this moment, years of training, boot-camps, ballet recitals, and trying to live up to its creator. It enters the bug infested house with the legend himself, Exterminator Larry.**

Bugs Eradicated:

A quick blast from Larry, the bug spray hits the bugs square in the face. Neutralizing:

  • Number of components was not shown correctly below profile card
  • Company admins could not update the company’s profile page.
  • Counter for collaborators in Project details screen was showing 0. It should show the correct
    number of collaborators

The bugs don’t stop coming. They swarm over Exterminator Larry but Exterminator bot quickly breaks out his flamethrower - clearing a score of the bugs


  • E-mail addresses are visible for Company Admins for Employees section, under Search.
  • Mandatory fields were not highlighted in case of being left empty
  • Company admin couldn’t see current employees and couldn’t search for members

Oh no, the bugs are dragging Larry back to their base. They have him by his feet, his nails digging into the wooden floor to resist them. Quickly he drops a bug bomb…3…2…1…detonation!

  • Points were not awarded when leaving a review on a component in Go!
  • User profile: Counter for Following / Followers was showing 0 when clicking on Following /
    Followers tab inside profile details
  • Notifications were not received by users anymore. Notification examples: create a project, add a collaborator to project, report activity, report project

Exterminator Bot throws itself over the line of fire, grabbing Larry’s hand, yanking him back to the land of the living…“Survive.”


  • The View Profile page has an option to “Edit Profile”. This option is visible for the user when looking at own profile, as well as for Connect Admin on all user profile page
  • Go! & Connect! preferences merged
  • 4 new badges: Robot Vision& Guard for Academy and First Review and Reviewer for Go!
  • Updated badges design

Exterminator bot and Larry quickly back away and survey the battlefield. They have won this one, but the war is just beginning, they vow to fight the good fight, and get matching tattoos. But a greater threat still lurks…

Mid-Credits Scene…

Exterminator bot walks up to the podium, it looks at all the beautiful users profile photos. This ceremony is to thank all our forum users for their continued support. Because of you, we were able to take a big hit out of the bug menace. Remember if you see a bug, report it, and well take care of it. Exterminator bot salutes the crowd and walks off the stage.

Contact us if you spot any more bugs