Connect! Bug Fixes - April 2019


Exterminator Robot - It’s quiet…too quiet. The information was credible, the source was reliable. Where were the bugs? Had he been betrayed? The bugs had been on the retreat lately, but this was something else. At least this gave HQ time to improve their tools and weapons.


  • As of now, the ACME Certification platform is integrated with Ui Connect! through the Certification badge.
  • An animation feedback loading circle was added when uploading a profile photo&banner.

A small bug horde tries to run from one hiding spot to the next. Exterminator robot quickly eradicates them with a stomp of his boot launcher. SQUISH

Bugs Eradicated:

  • Navigation bar was incorrectly placed in Followers window, in My Account section.
  • Profile picture was not correctly shown after being uploaded in Edit Account screen.
  • Company field was duplicated for members which are belonging to a company already in.
  • Edit Account** screen.
  • About the project** screen was not shown when looking on Project Details screen.

This is a slaughter…these bugs are too low on the food chain to stand any chance against the debuggers. Wait…they were too far in the tunnels…something was up…they had never gone this far before. It was a trap.

  • Social Media posting of projects was not showing correctly the Cover Image
    *Now, projects shared onFacebook, Twitter, Slack and LinkedIn are displaying correctly the project information.
    *Counter for Followers/ Following was showing incorrectly 0, independent of the actual number of Followers/ Following in My Account window.
    *Follow a Project was not working.
  • After uploading, camera icon was displaying over the Profile Picture and Cover Image in

*Retreat! It was too late, by the time the words came out of Exterminator Robots mouth the trap had been sprung. Simultaneously all their communications were shut down. Exterminator Robot was knocked over, he slid down the tunnels unable to grasp onto anything in the slippery tunnel. Darkness…then the most chilling sound it had ever heard boomed “Welcome we’ve been waiting for you.”

Contact us if you spot any more bugs