Connect back into existing TerminalConnection after exception is thrown

Is it possible to re-connect uipath to an existing terminal connection that was lost? I am using an IBM Personal Communications .ws profile to log into a terminal. During the process, it is possible for a business rule exception (BRE) to occur. When this happens I would like to throw a BRE so it ends the current transaction and picks up the next transaction.

However, it appears as though UiPath does not allow the passing of arguments when an error is thrown! This means that the TerminalConnection variable I had been passing between workflows is now null. The business does not want the robot logging in/out many times due to system load constraints, so I need the robot to somehow be able to connect back into the existing Terminal Connection after the BRE gets thrown.

I realize I could surround all of the sequences with an overall try-catch to prevent an error ever getting thrown, but this seems like a very poor way of implementing as it involves a confusing workflow, double coding of many pieces, and prevents the framework from handling exceptions as intended (using Enhanced ReFramework).

For things like a web browser, it can be done with a simple attach browser/window. Is there something similar for terminal sessions?

I answered my own question by re-reading the UiPath Terminal Connection documentation again. It is possible using the IBM EHLLAPI

Now i just need to figure out how to determine the session name as I posted here: How to get name/title of all open applications

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