Connect Activity - Choose Data Source Issue

Hi ,

  1. I am trying to use the Connect Activity and opened the Connection Wizard.
  2. I Filled all the details and attempt to Select DataBase - Not Clicked Save
  3. To verify the Server Details - went back to SSMS
  4. When I return to studio - The below is what I See
  5. I am unable to interact with the activity / Studio - Because of the Select Database popup
  6. Problem is - The Pop up is not available on the studio.
  7. If you see the screenshot from task manager - we can see the Choose DataSource in it
  8. Somehow when we switch window - The pop is lost
  9. We cannot exit the program / studio
  10. Only option is to KILL Exe - Studio and then restart everything

Hi @mukeshkala

Two workarounds for you while we are working on a fix.

  1. Instead of selecting Studio from the taskbar, minimize the window that you have brought in front.
  2. Use Alt+Tab / Win+Tab to bring the child window in front.

The issue here is that the window is there, but awkwardly hidden. I believe a combination of using Win+D to hide everything and then maximizing just studio, or just the other application first, works here as well.

Will check , Thanks for the workaround

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