Connect 1 machine to 2 different Orchestrator

I have 2 Orchestrator server (DEV + PROD).
It could be useful to connect the same machine on each Orchestrator.

I think this would be great, but am wondering if it’s possible. A “Robot” is identified as an automated human (machine/user combination), so by being able to have 2 Robots be used as 1 Robot, it’s more like a Robot with multiple personalities or something. :laughing: It might mess with the RPA infrastructure concept.

Hi @Audrey

Could you clarify? You can already connect 1 Machine to multiple Orchestrators by selecting another server from the drop-down in tray agent:

Is your idea about Robot being actively connected to two different Orchestrator servers at the same time?

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The concept would be interesting in terms of disaster recovery.

The robot could replicate its logs to another Orchestrator, Save packages by default without having to back it up with an adhoc infrastrcuture strategy.

May be some other drawback and complication to implement though.


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Yes I’d like to connect 1 robot to 2 Orchestrator servers at the same time.

At the same time… it will be very difficult to achieve. And it will create a lot of security issues, logs, audit, jobs, status. Are this shared?