Connecect orchestrator to license

Hai I am connected to orchestrator it’s showing
Connect but unlicensed how to get
Connect, licenseed


Go to Orchestrator and create Robot of type Unattended and provision with that system and then it will show Licensed.

I submitted to unattend it will showing
This one


Go to Licence page in your cloud Orchestrator and allocate Unattended BOT licence to it. If you are using Community Orchestrator then you will get one free Unattended BOT licence.

Can you give me that link???


Once you logged into site go to Services page and there you will find your service name. Edit services and then it show pop up like list of Robots available. Set 1 to Unattended field and then try.

Here where I select the edit services


Click on that Pen symbol to Edit services.

Once this updated finished only can I proceed

It’s working thank you so much!!!

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