Congnitive RPA package in UIpath - NLP VB expression

I thougth of checking the cognitive package of UIpath RPA and dragged an activity ‘Get sentiment activity’ from standford coreNLP . however the output data type is a VB expression.
the same vb expression is used in other NLP engine like google & IBM whatson as well.

can somebody provide me a simple sample on how to enter NLP processing?

Hi @FebinKAndrews

Please start with this docs article:

It should give you an idea how to proceed.

Please note how it directs you to the main activity:

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Thanks a lot. seems like I should konw a bit more fundamentals of NLP to use it. do you know what are its actual application. can it be used to summarise an article ?

I think you can look up sentiment analysis in general. I found this presentation that might help to get an idea:

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Thans a lot. that helps