Conflict with Visual Studio about PAckage sources

Hi, on my machine I have both UiPath Studio and Visual Studio. When I open Visual Studio after working with UiPath Studio I encountered the following problem : my packages sources in Visual Studio are not here any more… I have to set them again… For information, I don’t need the same sources for Visual Studio Packages than the one I need for UiPath Studio.
Thanks you for your help !

can you confirm the visual studio version?

I’m using Visual Studio 2019 and UiPath 2021.10 and haven’t observed this issue.

You csn try running UiPath Diagnostic Tool, if you have that, and share the logs.

Check in Windows Event Viewer to check if there’s any error there on this.

Visual Studio 2017 and UiPath 20.10.8.
Today, I don’t have the problem anymore but if it comes back I will use UiPath Disnostic Tool and Event Viewer to see if there is more details on the error.
Thanks !