Confirming the test data through Database

I have a scenario where I need to iterate through the test data(excel) to generate Trade IDs.
2. For every iteration, there is a Trade ID that will be generated & captured.
3. Using the Trade ID, I need to query the Database and compare these db values with the given data(test data) to re-confirm.

Please help on how can I implement this scenario

Hi buddy @rameshgp43

kindly follow the below steps that could resolve your issues buddy

  1. once after the Trade ID gettin generated and capture din the excel, use a excel application scope activity to open the excel
  2. use a read range activity to read the excel file and get the output as out_dt of type datatable
  3. use a for each row activity to iterate through each row in table and pass the variable out_dt the for each row buddy as you say you want to query with database download the package from package manager with design menu, and get the package uipath.database.activities and once installed use execute query where pass the select query you want with the value inside the query obtained from excel
    5.this execute query will give us a datatable type of output, with which you can compare the value by iterating again with for each row loop (still being inside the previous for each row loop)using a if condition buddy
    6.with this you can reconfirm
    thats all buddy you are done
    Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy

did that work buddy @rameshgp43

Hi Thanks for your reply. I will let you know tomorrow. I dont have pc with me now.

And i have one more question,

In my test data, if there are values like SPOT & +1M which will be displayed as current date & 10,00,000 in Database.

how can I match these values with the respective values in Database?