Confirm "Save As/ Replace File" is not finding pop up element

Hi all,

I have a process which is saving files, and occasionally a file will be replacing another with the same name (if the job is rerun and the file is resaved etc) and I have tried to create a flow for allowing for this, however, despite originally working, it now doesn’t seem to recognise the element relating to the pop up.

The snippet I have uploaded sits within an Attach Window, attached to an Excel, although I have tried it outside as well. Due to the project being in multiple parts an “Attach excel scope” activity was not suitable, but that’s not causing any issues elsewhere, and I figure this is more of a wider scope issue than just excel.

Would anyone be able to have a look and see why this isn’t functioning as planned, if there’s anything simple I’ve missed? Essentially looking to check to see if I’m prompted to replace a file when saving, and if so, say yes, then move on.


XL16_ReplaceFile.xaml (9.1 KB)

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Your Element Exists seems to line up correctly with the selector, and I tested it on my laptop and it showed True, therefore it’s working on my end.

You can use this inside or outside another Excel Scope, because it should go by the scope’s selector and should work. But, normally I would use a full selector and not a scope for popups and dialogues that not many actions take place in, and have pretty good success.

You may try other approaches. Like one approach would be to just use the Click Yes with a TimeOutMS and ContinueOnError to True; that way, it tries to click it but if it can’t find the button then it ignores it. Another might be to utilize a Retry Scope that only continues until the popup is no longer found.
…That one would look something like this:

(I used full selectors in that example)

Hope you figure it out.



So because my life is my life, when I restarted my PC this morning it started working without me having to change anything? Go figure right…

Thanks for your message though, I wasn’t aware of the retry scope so will look into those for sure as an alternative in the future as although my automations “work” they’re definitely not the most elegant and more like botch jobs than works of art, but that will come with time and experience!