Configuring the ‘External Name’ Value for Bots in CyberArk

How to configure the External Name parameter when using CyberArk integration

The 'Account' is where the login name, password, and ID for the 'Application' is defined (in this case, the Orchestrator).

The 'Name' (highlighted in Red in the above image) depicts the ID of the Account on the CyberArk side which will be used for fetching any data from CyberArk into the Orchestrator.

In some cases, this 'Name' can also be called 'Account Name'. (Based on your CyberArk version)

Regarding the Orchestrator, when an asset is created, the 'External Name' field (highlighted in Red below) will point to the 'Name' field in CyberArk that mentioned above.

So, this external value will be supplied to each Bot.