Configured encryption key is not in a valid Base64 format. (#1801


I recently configured and installed UiPath Orchestrator via Marketplace on Azure.
I had the briliant idea yesterday do update it from 2019.4.4 to 2019.10.

However, I used the Powershell script provided here:

I was a bit fast on the trigger and by mistake it deployed upgrade to 2019.4.4 which I already was running on. Everything seemed fine so I did not think more about it and the app server was restarted ok without any warnings.

However, today when I try to add / update any assets or robots that will hold credentials I get this error message. I am therefor currently unable to create any robots or add / update any assets credentials.

Any idea how to fix this?


Welcome to UiPath Community!.

If you are on EE (Enterprise Edition) please also contact with the UiPath Technical Support:

Contact Technical Support

Contact UiPath Technical Support department.

Yes. Already done. Was just wondering if anyone has faced similar issue to faster be able to pinpoint where the issue might be.

For anyone who might fase this issue in the future. The solution was to replace the application config file on the Orchestrator server with an old backup versjon. It seems like the upgrade pushed a new version of the config file which did not contain encryption key. Replacing the corrupt file fixed my issues.

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