Configure annual cost per supplier in Automation Hub

Hi all, we have different development providers with annual fees and according to complexity (high, medium, low, etc) of the process/idea. According to best practice, where is the right place to configure these costs and how?

Hi @DanielUi,

For this purpose, you should go in the Cost Setup item of the platform setup and then add a few One time costs Implementation People Costs.
Actually, you’ll have to add ‘nb of providers’ times ‘nb of complexity you have to deal with’. For example :

  • provider A - high complexity - dev. cost/day
  • provider A - medium complexity - dev. cost/day
  • provider A - low complexity - dev. cost/day
  • provider B - high complexity - dev. cost/day
  • provider B - medium complexity - dev. cost/day
    and so on

Label each line properly to be able to pick it easily later and of course, tell the right daily cost for this kind of development.
Then, in the cost benefit tab of your automation card, you’ll have to choose the cost that matches with your provider and the complexity level of the automation. Type the nb of estimated days of dev and Automation Hub will compute the dev total cost.

Hope that will help.