Config IE

Hello, how are you, sorry for the inconvenience, someone knows if I can do somehow the configuration of internet explorer before running the bot

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Like what configurations?

Happy learning


@santi4058 Can you elaborate more on what configuration you are looking for.

It is when you select the internet explorer configuration button, select internet options, then advanced options and disable the check that says: “Enable enhanced protected mode”

you don’t need to install any pluggins or any other to use IE, but can you explain what is the thing you want to configure ?

The above thing will help you in running the IE with user privileges. I hope you don’t need to do all those for just running

Hi @santi4058

Hey do one thing write ur url links everything In a Text file
Read text file and add to dictionary and pass the values


The idea is that before running the robot you can disable this check automatically2019-09-02_11h15_16

the check is in configurations–> internet options–> advanced options

You want to do that everytime before running any process? @santi4058

Then, you can record the clicks and then store it in a workflow. So, whenever you want to check the configurations, just run this workflow or if you want to invoke it in an another workflow, just place it so that it will run

Yes, but in order for the bot to run on Internet Explorer, that configuration must be before the bot is executed.

I hope when one time you configured that, it will save that and no need to do it again and again before every process, do it manually once and run the process

Ok, thank you very much to everyone