Config file for the Robotic Enterprise Framework

I am setting up an automation using the Robotic Enterprise Framework.
This will be an attended robot which will be available on multiple users PCs.
My questions is this.
I want to set up parameters that will contain the file path for documents to be processed , processed successfuly and failed processing.
Each pc will have different locations .
I was thinking of placing these parameters into the config file , but just wanted to know if the config file will be available on each PC ?
Or will I have to use something else

Hey @Rachael_Sherry :wave:

You could put the config file in a shared folder but, modifications made by one user will affect the other so, I’d suggest to create different files for different users and in the file only provide the file or folder paths to their processes, accordingly.

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Place config file on shared location. Also before reading config file create copy of the config file in the same directory so that it will not throw exception in case of one bot is reading config file and at the same time second bot try to read the config file. In this case multiple bots read config file even when you are modifying config file and at the same time bot is running it will not through an error.

if there are few parameters (2-3 though it can be applied for number of parameters as well) that will be changing and after release there wont be any change in config file until next release then I would recommend keeping the config file in project folder itself.

attaching a small example: (1.7 MB)

multiple assignment can be done like (if feasible).

Thanks @monsieurrahul , thats exactly what i will do.
That way each machine will have it owns individual config file .

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