Config File & Deploying Automation to Orchestrator Question

Ok I am trying to understand the deployment process for orchestrator. If you click deploy and select custom location, then enter the URL for orchestrator does the config file for all current bots get updated? My scenario is below.

  1. Click deploy
  2. Set custom to an orchestrator server
  3. Get upload success with proper url listed
  4. Login to that orchestrator
  5. Notice that the download button is not there, and no new versions show up.
  6. Bot ran on it’s schedule, and appears to have used my uploaded config file with the old bot (a few months old)

Is this expected behavior?

Hi @LeftBrainCo

which version is th@t

@shwin S

64Bit Environment
Service Pack: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0

Hi hello, may I know if you already got the answer for this?

I resolved this.
*any files included in the project folder will get put into the .nupkg file that gets created.

  • Once this file is loaded by a bot it’s contents are extracted and used.
  • If you update things like a config file it will get updated to match with the version if you deploy again.

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