Config file credentials

Hi All,

I have one or more login credentials in excel sheet, using that I would like to fetch particular username and password from that file based on process of automation:no_mouth:. If it is possible give me the solution anyone.

Thanks in Advance.

it’s possible but not secure. I recommend you to use Asset


You can simply add the credential in your Windows Credential Manager and then use them in your process using “Get Credential” activity.

Simply go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Credential Manager in your windows and add your credential under “Generic Credentials”:

You can then use the name of your credential directly in UiPath, like this:

It’s okay @irahmat i need to get by dictionary value to assign a username and password

Thanks @loginerror i tried this and worked fine, if possible to get the windows credential able to use in config file?

You should record the name of the credential in your config file so that you can use it in UiPath, but I wouldn’t write down the login/password details in plain text, if that is what you mean.