Conditional statment in Exchange email attachment collection


Im creating an e-mail template. In this template there are a lot of optional values to be used. One of these optional values is the attachment option.
The problem is that as soon as i assign a variable to the AttachmentsCollections input, the mail exchange expects there to be a file. You can not have the variable empty.

(type is String Array)

Is there a way to place a conditional statement in the AttchmentCollestion iput to only use the variable if there is at least 1 item filled?

Something (but not like) this:

Thanks in advance.


Try initializing your array like Attachment = {}


I just tried it and it works!

I swear that i tried all those options :stuck_out_tongue:
I feel like such a goofus now…
Above solution works, but im still wondering if it still is possible to use conditional statements in that field.

Nevertheless, funny how something so simple can be overlooked sometimes. :slight_smile:


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