Conditional Parsing from data table to Excel

Hello forum,

I parsed a data table to display each line break onto a new row to get results similar to the below (example of 4 rows):

159613 159613 133104 1784.00 LINE 1784.42
T6 Pro Not Released Yet
169391 169391 169391 3850.00 LINE 3850.00
X3 Pro Not Released Yet

I’d like to have the above displayed in two rows, as the T6 row relates to the 159613 row, and the X3 row relates to the 169391 row.

Any suggestions on how I could enhance my parse to accomplish this? Each second row will start with two characters: 1 letter, and 1 number. There’s header and footer info in this file as well, so I can’t simply iterate based on “every other” logic.

Update: I was able to use Regex to isolate the second set of rows. Now to figure out how to assign that into Column B while it’s counterpart goes into Column A…


@Colinx if condition shown in pic is not solving ur problem?

  • In else, Assign strLine1=item
  • In Then, in add data row give column2 value as Right(strLine1,6)