Conditional Looping Based On Previous Cell Value of Excel Sheet

Hi there,
I’m automating a process for user enrollments in a web application.
I have an excel sheet where there are 3 columns.
Sample columns: Company, Department, User.
I was able to develop a workflow for this case when considering each row.
The process I developed is like the below.

  1. Selecting company name and navigating to Department page
  2. Selecting Department and Navigating to User selection page
  3. Selecting the user and enrolling him
    However I would like to achieve this: When Previous row’s company value is same, then it should direct me to Department page directly (as my application will retain the company name selected previously) same with department name as well.
    When two rows considered, if company name is same and the department name is same then I should be able to enroll the two users without navigating to the Company and Department pages.
    Please help.
    Thank you!

Hi @sravan_8844

Assign Variable for Company and department which will store Company and department name temporary for matching purpose.

Please Refer Below Solution
Test1.xaml (15.0 KB)

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@loveleet_Saini, thank you very much sir. It solved my problem. Much appreciated for your support.

You are most welcome @sravan_8844

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