Condition to print output value dynamically in excel

Hello everyone, is it possible to write resultant value of a particular column in sheet

can you bit explain more


Yes, we can do that

take one assign activity create one integer variable

Assign Counter = 1

Use write cell activity and mention the range like this

Range: "E2:E"+(Counter+1).ToString
Assign Counter = Counter+1

This will keep on add the data to that particular column



you can use the "write Cell" Activity  for writing the specific cell.


You can also try this →
Main.xaml (7.4 KB)

Thanks Thiru.

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Thanks. let me try.

I have set of values in column F, i want to add those values and write in sheet.
In future, the data in column F increases dynamically where i will update the further result.

you can use column index instead of column name

Hi Thiru,

Can you clarify me why we assign two counter and where to assign below write cell else some where.

Hello @poojadass.murugadass Can you mention cell value that you have to update the final sum

@poojadass.murugadass You can use the below expression to sum all the values of an excel column

DT1.AsEnumerable.Sum(Function(x)  CDbl(x.Item("Values")))
  • Values is the column name

Ref below workflow. Let me know if need any changes (10.2 KB)

Column F Usha

Thank you usha.

Thank you Usha for your help. Now i got it what i need.

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