Condition stop when see lastrow

Hello all,

I read excel in For Each Row
lastrow: dtXml.rows.count+1 = 5 (include header)
idx: 0+2 (start to row 2)

I want when idx=lastrow, action enter stop but not stop. Can check for me.

can yu upload xaml here./? @anh.nguyen

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Read Multiple XML.xaml (277.3 KB)
Please help me check when lastrow will stop Enter. thank you

is this the wrong xaml/? i cannot find that if activity anywhere!

It’s correct bc have many activities, i minimun some activities for you to see easy

Read Multiple XML.xaml (277.3 KB)

what do you mean "
action enter stop but no stop?!!!?

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Yes, I want when loop to lastrow will not use “enter” hotkey. but when to lastrow it still use “enter” hotkey.

can you try add “Break” into here?


When to lastrow, it still go into condition true ( “enter” hotkey).

If into Else condition it mean oki

when its at last row, whats the value of idx!!! @anh.nguyen

For easy understanding, I send xml file only For Each Row read excel.
I think my way wrong

As an image, I want when loop to lastrow will not enter hotkey

Read Multiple XML - Copy.xaml (27.5 KB)

why do you need to do idx+2
can you change if condition to this?
cint(idx) < cint(rowCount)

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idx+2 because count lastrrow from 2 (1 header)
idx count from 0 (so I think need idx+2 for same.

After trying sometime, use cint(idx+2) >= cint(rowCount) correct. Thank @jack.chan

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