Condition on text

I have a process (attached) to read through the files in a folder (sample file attached) and build up a table based on the contents.

In the process there is a condition to check the name and record the name or not in the table based on a particular name. I can not make the condition to work. All the files are picked up and the condition does not work.

At the moment I have the condition as left(From,6) <> “Sammie”, but I tried all sort of ways. It looks like there is some hidden characters that are are preventing for the condition to be true.

Any ideas on how to make the condition to be true? What am I doing wrong?


Main.xaml (26.7 KB) (246 Bytes)

Not sure what your logic is but returns true for me in all conditions. If you think there might be a space issue, you can use Trim

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I managed to resolve it by using ‘cotains’. I’m not sure what it was not working before


If you Could you please guide me in an if condition excluding a few special characters…

Since the name is separated by a comma in the above image…it needs to be excluded in the condition…so how about the condition to be framed?