Condition mail

Hello, robogen,

I calculate sum of data in excel sheet. There are two data column I calculate. if the result of both data column is same, then I send a mail with excel attachment to concern person. In this case, in mail body I write, “sum is equal”.

But, if the sum of both data is not equal then I
also send a mail to concern person. In this case, I write in mail body, " sum is not equal".

Now, my question is, how can I send mail dynamic way, without changing mail body again and again in Uipath? Could anyone please kindly help.

Hi @Sabbir_Anwar ,
1)Firstly, assign the value: “sum is equal” or “sum is not equal” in a variable inside an if condition.
2)Suppose if sum equal then assign to var1=“sum is equal” else if some not equal then var1=“sum is not equal”.
3)Then pass this var1 in mail body.
4)Hence you to not change always it will dynamically change the mail body.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta