Condition issue

can you tell me why it’s going into the else part if my date is less than the condition date. see what on the right side result tab.

@lakshman @amarasto @Palaniyappan

Can you tell me what is the variable type (Joining date) there you are using @balkishan

Hey @balkishan,

For date comparison use

Less than zero : If t1 is earlier than t2.
Zero : If t1 is the same as t2.
Greater than zero : If t1 is later than t2.

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Convert it to datetime and use datetime.comapre method

sorry didn’t get bro

So, you need to convert it to the format date first and then try using compare class as @amarasto said in the earlier post.

Or the second option is give the date within the strings and then try.

Credits to : @amarasto

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this JoiningDate is a string type variable. which extract the value from the doc. and I just compare it with the given condition. can you please tell me how to convert it to datetime.comare…

Convert.Todatetime(joiningdate, “DD/MM/YYYY”) @balkishan

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Thanks @amarasto @HareeshMR it’s worked when I taken in a string.

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