Condition in IF

hello,like i’m new here ,can someone help my with a problem,so i have in excel column “AB”, it will be entered in the column “BC” - and in the column “BF”-lack of full power/wrong power, i need to put an assign in IF ,and i don’t know how to make the condition and what to write in assign,and the result to by false,sorry if i can’t expres mysealf very clearly.thank you.

is this your scenario?
AB= has value “lack of full power/wrong power”?
BC= you need to write “lack of full power”?
BF= you need to write “wrong power”?

what i know is that i need to use boolean to show my that what is in “AB” is not in “BC”.and it’s false,i m very sorry that i can expres mysealf ,but it’s my first project and i don’t even know what i’m doing:))