Condition IF


I need to know how to write condition that, if there is a error or whole proces is not responding, leave and start next loop.
EAN z IFEM.xaml (17.3 KB)


If whole process is not responding you can have your sequences in Try/Catch block. If you have number of items which should be processed you can save them to Orchestrator queue and complete them one by one. And in any case you must have your sequences in Try/Catch to recover gracefully from errors


I mean i have to search for item in allegro so if there will be no items, whole proces will stop.
So in this case i want to pass this one item and go to the another one.


You can do one thing, find some element from the page when there is no search item. Have Element Exists activity and write an IF condition If Element Exists then do you stuff and if element does not exists do something else



use ContinueOnError attribute to true