Condition for the list

In this I need to give condition like
If the list is more than one and less than one i need to update the status in the excel sheet as “ERROR”
click on the list
Please help me with this So urgent…

which list

Under the CNP bro its having the single row i need to get the count of that and need to give condition as mentioned
I tried datascrapping its not working in the application

Bro use data scraping and count the database
then give the condition based on the count

I hope it will help try once like this

Error bro

Hmm Then we have to go through selectors this also new thing i will try to give solution
or these people help you
Help him and am also watch this topic please help us

Can you please share the selector of the application i.e list(table)

I need to indicate on the only one present below or else i need to indicate that whole list space

no only one because we have to check the data by increment the selector and bot will search the seletor if its not present so we can come out of the loop we have to use do will like this if bot through the error then break the loop and if the count value is less than one or one we can update the status error

like this i don’t know its work or not try once

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I think we cant increment here there is no idx value

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka
if the datascrapping won’t work, you can try with screenscrapping, Screen scrape the tabular region and u will get the data in string format

Now i am assuming that CNP columns are numbers and had fixed digits everytime.

Now using string u had obtained as output from screenscrapping, use the below regex way to get the count of rows


the count variable stores the count of how many CDP column values are there [ which is equal to number of rows]

so count is equal to number of rows, by this u will get the rows count and u can further use the datatable manipulation to update the excel value based on count variable

Hope the information help you

Nived N
Happy Automation

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I will try and get back to you bro

yes it will work thanks once again


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

i had small correction in using regex, hope you will find that

Bro whether it will work dynamically bro

U had make it dynamic actually while screenscrapping

Just try for one case and see whether it is working fine or not

I am new to UIpath bro please correct the mistake ,so i can test it

I had done that already in the reply [edited it]

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Bro tried and got 1 in the message box ,What i need to change to make work dynamically

Hi @Sudharsan_AIT
can u show the selector of screen scrapping activity , from this u can find any dynamic attribute value, replace that dynamic value by using asterk (*) sign