Condition for Checking If a Column Exists within an Extracted DT?

What is the condition syntax for checking if a column exists within in an extracted DT?

I have a ForEachRow Activity using the “Code” column, but sometimes, the “Code” column does not exist (2nd image). In this case, I want the ForEachRow Activity to use the “Primary Domain” column.



What would be IF activity condition for checking if the “Code” column exists in the extracted DT (before proceeding to instead use the “Primary Domain” column for the ForEachRow activity)?

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Hello Vvaidya, I have a question on the similar lines. I will try to be as brief as possible while explaining…
I have an excel which has just a single column with no data. When I try to “get row item” , it gives me an argument exception: column name could not be found.
However the column exists when I check with the output data table activity…
When I put some data in the column this doesn’t happen which is obvious but the real question is why is it not able to identify the column??